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Generate 100s of AI-powered sales personalization in seconds, with your prospects' LinkedIn. No matter the volume.

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Why is best

Increased Reply Rates

Your emails will stand out as they will be tailored specifically to each of your prospects.

Extremely Fast is 40X times faster than a human. Managing to generate 100s of lines in seconds.

Scales Indefinitely

Without having to rely on humans, your scalability issues are gone

Automatic Prospect Research automatically retrieves information from your prospect’s LinkedIn to ensure the highest personalization quality

Easy to Use was built with ease of use in mind. With only a few clicks you'll be able to generate as much personalized lines as you need.

Cheaper is 6X cheaper than hiring a VA. While also not needing training on how to do its job.

How it works

Personalizing doesn't get easier than this


Upload your prospect list

Upload your prospect list as a CSV file, or paste a LinkedIn URL

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Get your personalized lines

After a couple seconds, download your updated CSV file with your personalized lines crafted uniquely for each prospect.

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Use them in your cold email tool

You can use them in your cold email scripts as custom variables. It works in the most used cold emailing tools





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Pricing Plans

Choose the price that suits you best

Our Single-Purchase credits are perfect for users which usage may vary per month, as the credits do not expire. Our Monthly Plans are perfect for businesses that have a predictable cold email volume. Each credit is equivalent to 6 personalized lines or one full email per lead


Credits do not expire


Credits rollover

100 credits



500 credits



1000 credits



3000 credits



Single Purchase


100 credits


Credits do not expire

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What data does need to work? uses your prospects' LinkedIn URL to write unique personalized lines.

How do credits work?

Each credit can be used to generate 6 personalized lines, or one full email per lead.

How easily does it integrate with the tools I'm currently using? was created with ease of use in mind. So you only need to export a csv file from your prospecting tool to use it in Once the personalized lines are generated, you can use them in any cold emailing tool as a custom variable (see section How it works)

How long does it take to generate?

Bulk requests generally take less than 60 seconds. Though it may take up to 5 minutes if there's a lot of requests at that time.

Does send cold emails?

No, generates your personalized lines at scale, which you can use with any cold email provider you already use.

Personalize emails at
scale with offers personalization for cold emailers at scale

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